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Our itinerary stated that we would go to showa kinen koen park on our last day for its famous beauty in autumn, but google said that the temperature would be 11-14’c eventhough there’s no prediction of raining plus it was our last day there. With that, we totally canceled our outdoor plan.

1. Because we were afraid that there’s no luggage storage wherever else we went, we went straight to Haneda Airport to temporary store our belongings before check in time. Remember that all international flight would be on International Terminal Haneda. Departure was on 3rd floor, along with paid baggage storage.


Baggage Storage at Haneda Airport 3rd floor International Terminal

2. We also bought some halal snack souvenirs at Edo Shokuhinkan 4th floor and Lawson 1st floor.


Japan Halal Souvenir at Lawson Haneda 1st floor International Terminal

3. We took prays at multi believes prayer room 3rd floor, it was clean and there’s an ablution room too.


Multi Believes Prayer Room at Haneda Airport 3rd floor International Terminal

4. We ate at Pista cafe for it had moslem friendly menu (no pork no alcohol) there.

5. Pushed ourselves to go to Odaiba area and outside was very very cold. We just got 2 malls : Tokyo Decks and Aquacity to window shopping because we were tired already 😅😅 us and kids 😀


Zy and Rainbow Bridge Odaiba, she asked to be shot after saw me

6. Went back to haneda, passed through immigration and assisted our todds to play at toddler playground.

7. Ate at another halal middle east food : Dompierre Jet. Say hello again to rice and naan bread 😄


a rare moment between our two todds

8. In a rush went to our boarding area, and fly back home (with 1 transit in Changi of course) 😊

And that was it, wrapped and finished. Alhamdulillah we came back safely and healthy..


Hurray it was Nov 1st (Halloween crowd should be over) and Tuesday and the forecast said that rain would stopped at 12 pm! Disney Sea day it was!

1.Turned out that the forecast was wrong that time! Wrong in the good way, since we went out the house (11 am or less) the rain had stopped already! 😊😊😊

2.Again we mistakenly took the train line so the travel time was longer than google maps suggestion, but alhamdulillah we made it there. Not too long queue for ticket entrance, and the sun was shining! Happy! We tried to use our monopod to take a picture in spacious area around Disney Sea fountain Globe, but we got warned by a lady there to short the monopod stick maybe because it potentially disturbed others. No wonder there’s no Japanese use monopod while we there, even though they love photos and selfies that much.

After took pictures, there were Chip and Dale!! And they both were poking our todds cheeks and made “chubby gesture” about them 😆 unfortunately we couldn’t took proper picture about it since it lasted very fast.


Met Chip and Dale!

Disney Sea had some amazing exterior designs, I was impressed. Even the fake volcano looked carved in every inch *exaggerating*

We took the “Mermaid Lagoon Theater” fast past right away, then went to watch “Magic Lamp Theater” in Arabian Area then went back to watch the mermaid. We were waiting for a while in water playground inside mermaid lagoon, it was real water so please be careful.

Also we ride 20000 League Under The Sea, Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage (just like The Small World ride in Disney Land), and Disney Sea Electric Railway.

Once again parents, you could enjoy the non friendly kid rides too for Tokyo Disney Sea had “singular rider” facility. We ride Indiana Jones Adventure and my husband ride Raging Spirits roller coaster.


Our Disney Sea Adventure

3. We took prays near a solitude bench between the side of mermaid lagoon and the sea tunnel, but I think if there’s more time, you better chose a corner in Adventure Land area.

4. We brought our own food, but my boy was hard to eat, so we decided to eat at a restaurant in Arabian area. They sold naan bread and rice which tasted good but spicy for kids, however our kid could manage to eat the warm naan and rice along with our food from house. We ordered shrimp dish, but I don’t recommend you to eat there if you have other choice because there was no certified halal food in Disney Sea.


a Restaurant in Arabian Area

Okay, that’s it for that day, alhamdulillah it was fun 🙂

We felt that we need to buy some more souvenirs, so we went to Harajuku this day. I guess that our energy on that day had been drastically depleted due to everyday trips, so we started after took prays at our place at noon.

1.We heard that Daiso in Takeshita Dori Harajuku was big, it was 4 floor shop if I wasn’t mistaken. Yes it was quite big, but apparently my husband said that the one he visited in Osaka last year was bigger that they even sold cheap wooden puzzles! aah.. so sad that we didn’t go there, but we got things here 🙂


Takeshita Dori – street view

2.We’re heading to Kebab J halal harajuku, when a man with flag banners promote King Kebab halal food in a 2nd floor food court at Takeshita Dori. At first we didn’t pay attention until he said “halal food!”, then we decided to eat there and the taste was good! Tasted better than a halal kebab stall near our house in Koenji. We buy two more shrimp kebab for takeaway.

3.Last, we visited Kiddy Land. Almost all prices are expensive for us 😛 but we could find 3 cute pens @600yen with traditional japanese women head and samurai head. To us, this place was cute enough for window shopping only, couldn’t afford to buy anything else


a snoopy floor in Kiddy Land

We didn’t have the chance to visit Yoyogi Park and Meiji Shrine even though those two places were really close to the station that we passed by because it was already dark and colder and it was already closed 😛


One of Yoyogi Park Gate near Station, already closed at evening

Because it was Sunday, we thought that it’s a day for visiting museum. So off we went to Ueno Park. Intended to visit 2 museums but again there’s no enough time since we started not early morning.

Museum? Yap, we’ve been to Hongkong Museum of History and it was cool, I also had visited Tokyo Edo Museum which was just as cool. We’re not that into history that much, but interactive and attractive museums are interesting for us.

1. National Museum of Nature and Science. There were two areas here, Nature and Science.

There was a 360′ dome show that was totally cool on the ground floor, but all of the narration was completely in Japanese so we could only enjoy the view without really understand the explanations.

The nature museum was kind of classic type of museum. All displayed mostly couldn’t be touched, and most of them covered by glass. Only few touch and push button features there. Plus, we barely understood any of it because this museum was definitely for Japanese fluent T_T

The science museum was really interactive. So many interactive features that you can try on, but once again, we barely understood a thing! xD we just pushed buttons, close our ears, stepped in front of heat camera, etc, but didn’t understand why those things happened.

Conclusion : unless you understand Japanese or had someone to explain it all to you, this place is not a really necessary destination T_T


National Museum of Nature and Science, Ueno

2. This day we met our Indonesian friends who live in Japan, they had a little boy who was really friendly so that my daughter so happy and be friend with him right away. And because of they understood Japanese for sure, we dare to eat at one of non halal certified restaurant at the museum. They asked the waiter about the ingredients and stuffs before we ordered.

3. The museum closed at 4-5pm, we knew we had to visit another place we longing to visited : a halal sushi restaurant in asakusa, SUSHIKEN

Alhamdulillah they had quite spacious restaurant so we didn’t have to wait. We ordered two sushi sets for dinner and price list quite expensive, say it this way : two sushi sets equal one disneyland entrance 😀

I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you whether the taste delicious or not, because all of it filled with wasabi and we couldn’t really enjoyed it. We finished all of those sushi of course, but it might be taste way way better if there was no wasabi in it 😛 Afterwards, we just found out that we could order sushi without wasabi in advanced (I didn’t know it was like default sushi thing in Japan and I’m afraid that it was an offending act).


Halal Sushi Asakusa : Sushiken

So that’s for this day, museum for Japanese fluent and sushi filled with wasabi 🙂 well, experience is necessary, hihihi..

After struggling all day before, we were just intended to slow it down a bit. We started our journey at noon after took prays on our place there.

1.Went to Tokyo Toy Museum in Shinjuku, and it was worth it. Arrived at 2pm close 4pm, so there was not enough time for our todds to explore, but they still had fun. This museum had many rooms (maybe 11 rooms) with different type of toys. We didn’t have the time to check on their shop though, what a pity..


Tokyo Toy Museum

2. Another trip trial for us was when we decided to have an afternoon eating at Ramen Ouka (halal fish ramen in Shinjuku). Arrived there and many Indonesian ladies were already on the waiting list outside the restaurant, it was a tiny restaurant space with only about 15 seats in front of chef bar.

Again, the wind were blowing hard made the temperature go low and we were there outside with two sleeping todds. There’s no another halal food in walking distant around so we decided to wait there. Maybe it’d been 30mins until came a couple of guest and we just found out that we had to write down our name in order to be on the waiting list!! So can you imagine that we had to be on the last waiting list even though we’ve been there first? T_T Our fault, we didn’t ask the ladies about waiting list.

There was a reservation for 10 people before us, but luckily we still could go in because there were still available seats. So maybe it’s better for you to call them first to make a reservation due to the limited seats. I think that they maybe understand simple english.

So we waited 2 hours outside for another suffer experience for us and our todds. And finaly got the chance to eat there. Alhamdulillah our decision wasn’t that wrong, our todds loved the fish ramen, we also bought two more for take away.


Ramen Ouka, halal fish ramen in Shinjuku

It was only 7pm, but we thought that we’ve had enough for that tiring day so we went home. I am no perfect person, especially not a perfect mom. I’m sorry kids..

It was friday, once again I couldn’t wait for theme park. We had to visit Disneyland that day, because the two next day would be weekends, next monday is the halloween day so it would be crowded, next tuesday would be Disneysea time, and the next wednesday would be our last day in Japan.

All prepared, but I recklessly didn’t check the weather. Doomed.

1. Arrived around 11am-12pm, it was cloudy but the weather still nice so we rent a 1000¥ stroller with confident.


In front of Disneyland gate, when I still thought everything would be totally fun that day

2. Everything went awesome for Oct 28th was one of costume day at Disneyland Japan. Adults were allowed to cosplay-ing their disney characters. So my daughter got the chance to see many princesses and other disney characters around 😍

3. Watched Mickey Philhar Magic with same enthusiasm, but then.. The rain was starting. Hope that it wouldn’t be for too long. I was wrong. It was going on THE WHOLE DAY.

Yes we brought along an umbrella, but sometimes the rain were so heavy that it didn’t help much. And it would be better if it’s ONLY rain, but it’s not. Along with rain came the cold wind made the temperature dropped down to 9’C.

We also had to buy a 2000yen mickey stroller raincoat T_T it is cute, and necessary for that day, but the price was amazingly expensive.. hiks. Please let me know if you wanna buy it from me ;P

I’m not a cold weather person, suit tropical weather more so it was a torture for me. And apparently also for my 15mo 😭😭😭😭 he’s cold and crying many times more that usual.

Yes it’s because the ticket was expensive for us, but also imagining walking through heavy rain back to the Maihama train station wasn’t a better idea. So we continued our journey. Bad bad idea, but it was already bad in the first place.


Tokyo Disneyland (Chiba)

3. We ate at one of park bench and took prays behind the sticth encounter building. Just few people there, and the floor was dry. Scenery was nice too.


Quiet Space behind Stitch Encounter Ride at Tomorrow Land Area


Beautiful Scenery from where we took prays

4. Most of rides and shows didn’t have too long waiting time (except for pooh ride and taking picture with mickey at his house) so it wasn’t completely bad experience 😶 we could ride haunted house, Pinocchio adventure, pirates of carribean, stitch aloha e komo mai, visited goofy paint house, minnie house, donald boat, and mickey house. The last one is another bad decision story.

5. So I thought everything going better and let my daughter and husband to visit mickey mouse house while me and 15mo were waiting outside.

I swear I thought it would be just like visiting other houses, but I was wrong. 60mins waiting was too long for colder temp. that evening. My 15mo was suffering because of cold wind and I was too tired and confused to make decision. So I don’t know for how long, I was just completely hopeless go back and forth with my non stop crying baby in his ergobaby carrier.

You see, there’s no comfortable place for us to wait near the mickey house exit, too many people inside the house so no one knows whether my husband and daughter still inside the house or not (I asked 3 different lady employees), and the nearest possible breastfeeding place was toilet located pretty far from there (scare that my husband would be looking for me if I’m not there long enough). Just no more words about this, disaster. I must be looked like a lunatic with suffering baby in Mickey’s house exit. I almost cried.


An “Expensive” Photo Shot, costed our todd cold while waiting outside

6. On our way home, we decided to take the disneyresort line train, we had to stay warm as long as possible since it was already around 10pm and the temperature was getting colder.

Well, I know this isn’t a beautiful holiday story, but I just want everybody to take lessons from my mistakes too. It is important to check on the weather before you go. Cheers!


Honestly I only interested to go to USJ in Osaka so we were moving to Tokyo on our 3rd day, but not before we visited the iconic Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan. And it was : worth it.

1. The actual check out time was 9am, but Toshihiro (our host) in aibnb let us to checked out at 11am.

2. Went to Shin Osaka station to temporary kept our luggage in luggage room (remember that one of our luggage was bigger than the largest coin locker available)

3. Exhausted by yesterday trip, we almost canceled our visit and intended to went straight to Tokyo by Shinkansen Train. Nope, we didn’t do it, we browsed for nearest halal food and found a small restautant called Bagus. They provided Indonesian Food just 2 stations away from Shin Osaka Station and just in line with our way to Aquarium.

Almost every menu was spicy 😂 we underestimated Japanese level of spicy, but apparently one of the owner is Indonesian so it was our definition of spicy. So yup, not really suitable for kids. We ordered curry rice, bali rice, and takeaway a portion of fried rice (chili sauce separated from food so our todds could eat it).


at Bagus, Halal Indonesian Food in Osaka

3. Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan was amazing. I’ve been to Seaworld Indonesia, Gelanggang Samudera Indonesia, Taman Safari Cisarua Indonesia, Ocean World Hongkong, and those places had their own appeals. But man, this aquarium is worth to visit because : it is indoor, almost every animals I saw were actively swimming and doing their businesses, and they couldn’t saw us so they could be really close to the glass! 😍 cute otters, penguins, seals, dolphins, whale shark, stingrays, etc ❤ you could also touched the back of small stingrays and sharks..


Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan and Around

4. Another favorite about this place is : a must visit official souvenir shop located in the building right to the aquarium entrance and exit. Prices weren’t too expensive, but many cute and good quality items there. Fit for souvenirs for people back home.

There was a giant ferris wheel, a giant girrafe lego, and fountains near the aquarium area. So it’s quite fun for our todds too.

5. Went back too late to shin osaka stations, it’s already dark when we rode the Shinkansen (non reservation seats for cheaper ticket price). Arrived at our Tokyo temporary home around midnight.

I’ll continue my story, please stay tune 😁


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